• Our local buffet breakfast

The Breakfast

At the price of 12.00€.

A local and gourmet breakfast with fresh products

From 06:30 onwards, you can take a seat in our breakfast room.

The Belfort Centre Hotel breakfast hours

Maximum capacity of the breakfast room at the Belfort Hotel

Fresh bread and viennoiseries from the Boulangerie Monnin, located less than 100 meters from our hotel, will be waiting for you on our buffet.

The honey that you find at the breakfast buffet comes from Api-douceur whose beehives are located about ten kilometres from our establishment in the town of Chaux. Their shop welcomes you all year round. If you fall in love with them, don't hesitate to stop by.

Our dairy products are made by the fromagerie Lehmann in Étupes, less than 20 kilometres from the hotel. Cheesemakers for 4 generations, the Lehmann family has only one motto: "Taste above all". On the breakfast buffet, you will have the opportunity to find a good number of fresh products such as white beaten cheese, yaourts, comté, morbier and another cheese called "le petit romois".

Our de Apple Juice from the association les VERGERS VIVANTS.  It works for the respect and preservation of the local fruit heritage by proposing trainings to educate and sensitize a large public.  

On the breakfast buffet, you will also discover La Carola, an Alsatian spring water, very popular in the 16th century in Ribeauvillé, in the Haut-Rhin department, 85 kilometres north of our establishment.

The cancoillotte, a Franc-Comtois speciality, is supplied to us by the fromagerie Poitrey in Franois, in the Doubs.

The confitures"Les délices de Joséphine" are made with a lot of Love by Monique (2nd Best Confiturière of France) in Bassemberg (Bas-Rhin).

More photos on our breakfast

Local jams for breakfast in Belfort
The breakfast buffet in Belfort
Breakfast in bed at the Hotel de Belfort
Salty and sweet breakfast at the Hotel de Belfort
The breakfast room before the arrival of a customer
A full breakfast at the Brit Hotel Belfort Centre
The Viennese pastry part of our breakfast buffet